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¡Join your runners online!

During the race, everything will be ready for you to follow
your favorite athletes, whether you are at home…or at The End of the World!


With LiveInfoyou will be able to search participants and to follow their progress, knowing at every moment their ranking and timing points. In addition, the app offers statistics, contains the list of favorites, compares runners and allows you to follow the progress of the leader of the race.


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LiveRun is an app that calculates in how much time a runner will arrive at the next post and proposes an integrated navigation system via Google Maps. Also, if you get the “premium” version, it allows you to receive notifications every time your favorite runner moves to a new stage.


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An unforgettable trip

¡Come to Ushuaia
and enjoy every moment
of this running fest!

Travel to Ushuaia with your athletes and enjoy special surprises and entertainments while you support them.


Read about this extraordinary city and all the activities it offers. Find out how to travel to Ushuaia and obtain information about the services we can arrange for you.


Assistance for runners


Know the rules

Be aware that the race has very strict regulations detailed in the Event Rules and the Ethics Chart. Above all, remember that the race is run in semi-autonomy and that athletes can’t receive help from outside.

Personal Assistance is tolerated exclusively on the FMU and on the FBT courses, in a zone specifically reserved for this use by the organisation. Assistance can only be given by one person that will have to arrange transportation to the post privately. For more information, read the Event Rules.

Reminder: running next to a participant or following him/her along any part of the race (outside of the zones indicated by the organisation) is forbidden and exposes the runner to a penalty.

Find out the Race Rules