The organization of the most important trail running event in the world has announced that the finalists of the 130 km of USHUAIA BY UTMB® 2019 will have a direct entry for one of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2020 races, without having to go through the lottery of the event. Also, as part of the evolution of its sports system, UTMB® has decided that, starting from January 2020, all the finishers of the USHUAIA BY UTMB® races, will receive 3 Running Stones per ITRA Point obtained. These Running Stones will eventually be used to obtain an entry into the UTMB® Mont-Blanc. We invite you to read here all the information about the new benefits that USHUAIA BY UTMB® offers in order to participate in the most recognized trail running event.  
Ushuaia, End of the World, is one of the wildest and most unpredictable places that exist on Earth and this was demonstrated the past weekend. As it happened to the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc (UTMB®) in 2003, the first edition of Ushuaia by UTMB® will surely remain in history as one of the most difficult ones in terms of weather conditions. We congratulate everyone, because beyond having reached the finish line or not, your courage was proven from the moment that you stood at the starting line. Here you will find some details and numbers of the race. It's time to rest and, of course, to prepare for the next challenge. Thank you for joining us!  
To take care of all the runners that will participate in Ushuaia by UTMB®, the organization has hired logicoss. This software, created to coordinate safety and rescue during any outdoor sporting event, provides continuous care to the athlete before, during and after the event. Read more about the advantages offered by logicoss when it comes to taking care of your health during the race.  

With no available places left and an important waiting list, registrations for Ushuaia by UTMB®, the 1st "by UTMB®" race in America, have concluded. Here you will find all the information you need in order to know more about this great community that will join you, from April 5 to 7, at the End of the World.


While the last places of the race fill up very fast, we offer you all the technical information about the courses: time tables, maps, profiles and location of the aid stations. This way, you can continue preparing your race at The End of the World.